Vacancy Detail

Recruitment Consultant

You'll be coming into this recruitment business as the first 360 recruiter hire. That'll be both sh!t scary and exciting (hopefully) and whilst a good mix of the two is great, I want you to come in with bags of ambition and desire to build something. 

The risk was taken by me to build a business in the pandemic. It's started strongly with great clients spanning the last 12 years putting their faith in the business. We are in a position now, to continue that development and bring someone in to work with us to take us to the next level. 

One of our core beliefs is about keeping things simple. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Recruitment is complex enough so when operating both internally and externally, we want this attitude, and mentality of keeping it simple. Doing the basics well.

You’ll be the only other fully-fledged recruiter in addition to me, but you’ll have brilliant support to get you up and running. We have a support team of 2. One who will be a central resource and another that can and will help you map out your market, by cleansing data, adding to the CRM and lead generating. 
As recruiter #1 we can work together to shape this how you want it to be. 

As you're experienced, you'll know what you need to do to hit your targets. You won't need me to set KPI's for you, or sit down with you every morning to chat about your day plan. You'll have invested some blood sweat and tears already and have some recruitment battle scars (how else do we learn) but you'll be striving for that autonomy, that space to breathe and develop. you'll get that here.

Being the first one will feel like a bit of a leap of faith. I know, I've done it myself. The rewards though, they're second to none. You'll have the exposure of a new business, the mentorship from someone with 12 year’s experience, you'll get a taste for start up life with all the potential to build a desk, division and a business if you so wish!

There's a real grown-up environment but a fun one. Nobody is being treated like a kid here. Flexibility, measured approach that has to work for everyone.

Salary is open depending on where you position yourself, commission (real simple, transparent and it'll never be messed with, you've earnt it, it's yours) and bonus to reward you as well as your name in lights of being the person that has helped grow MTWO to the next level. Trust me, this is going to be a big push, are you up for it?

No commitment is needed, and no CV is needed, you can reach me on 0 1 6 1 3 9 9  0 8 0 4 or drop me a message on here.

Location: Cheadle | Salary: 28000 - 40000 per year | Job type: Permanent