Vacancy Detail

Account Manager

Winning the work through cold hard sales isn't your strength but what is, is onboarding and delivering top-notch customer service to new and existing clients.   

There's not much you wouldn't be involved in. The business has been won, so from there on in, it's sitting with you. Onboarding, taking the brief, estimating, and production planning whilst keeping the client up to speed. Spinning plates is very much an art and you have perfected it. 

Whilst it would be handy and certainly beneficial if you are coming into this role from a background in the Print industry just given the amount of work and new business happening right now, it just means that you'll hit the ground running. If you're experienced in Account Management or Client Services and not from a print background though, we'd still love to chat with you as it is a nice to have rather than essential! 

Teamwork is pivotal in this role. As I mentioned earlier, lots of moving parts, going across different divisions so pulling people together, with clear communication and coordination skills have to be at the top of your game. 

You'll be surrounded by people that have been in the business for a long time. For the size of the business (Circa 50 headcount) the average longevity is 10 years + so you know you're in good company, with brilliant opportunities and a solid reputation. 

This role has come about due to a little restructuring within the business. Starting with a couple of promotions and others moving into other positions which have left a space for you, an experienced Account Manager. 

You'll know this already but with every account manager position, you'll love the detail. Dotting the I and crossing the T's. Knowing that precision has to be right. All the time. Customers are relying on you for your service and quality of work, you can only deliver that with you love for doing things properly, thoroughly and to the best of your ability. 

So what is it you'll be doing? Well, you'll be working for an established and reputable printing business. Not your normal print business though, this place produces and manufactures some of the best print around. Think Window Displays, interior branding within a WeWork, the backdrop of your favorite music artist/festival all the way through to retail and construction signage. Everything visual is designed to attract people. It's an impressive portfolio of brands, customers and projects. 

If this tickles your fancy for your next role, get in touch, we'd love to chat through your background and how this might fit together with what the client is looking for. 

Location: Birmingham | Salary: 35000 - 40000 per year | Job type: Permanent