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Project Manager

Project Managers, you get dragged into everything. Every element of a project is your responsibility. Sure, you have the other people in your team that will do their specific piece of the action but wrapping it all together, getting sh!t done for your client, this is on you.

I need you to love that responsibility. 

Juggling 24 balls, spinning 80 plates whilst riding a unicycle. It'll be fun and rewarding but it will try and brake you. You know that already though. 

This role will be working in the printing industry. Producing Large Format Graphics, so things like, Building Wraps, Internal Branding, Construction Hoarding, Window Displays, Events & Exhibitions etc. You'll be the POC for the client and internal departments, pulling the strings and getting the projects from inception to completion. By completion we mean, installed! 

If you have knowledge of the printing industry then great, that'll be really helpful. If you are not a PM but work and have an in-depth knowledge of the print industry, that's what's important on this, PM skills can almost be taught but you've got to be well on your way to being a know-it-all when it comes to substrates, printing process and hopefully, pricing, estimating or the cherry on top, a PM too. 

You'll love having that complete control of a process, you'll have bags of examples to demonstrate this and lean on it to develop your set-up for this new and exciting opportunity. 

Safe in the knowledge you'll be joining a reputable business, this business is well established (40 years) and are an award-winning business (genuinely award-winning, they didn't pay for them) that holds relationships with some of the world's most recognised brands, companies and retailers. Your account, genuinely couldn't be a bigger brand in the tech space if they tried! 

There'll never be a dull moment so the strength of character is needed. The ability to guide and consult is important as is having the ability to pull everything together for the client. The swan analogy works well with this... Calm, graceful above the water but peddling like mad underneath! Welcome to the world of Project Management in Print and Signage. 

If you're interested in the role then get in touc
h. You'll be joining a close-knit team that has worked together for many years and are experiencing some significant growth which is exciting for all involved. 

The interview process will be very smooth. It will be a chat with me, Matt. I've worked with this business for many years. We can make an introduction, if selected (we will feedback to you either way) you'll go and have a chat with the powers that be at the client. Make sure it's a fit and then off we go. Simple. 

Get in touch to register your interest.

Location: Harlow / London | Salary: 30000 - 40000 per year | Job type: Permanent