Vacancy Detail

Account Executive

This job is all about relationship management. You've got to love being the go-to person! 

Sitting internally in this very busy distribution business, you'll be the point of contact for a large number of clients. You'll act as the first and last contact for the customer. As you can imagine, that is a pretty big task with lots of moving parts so as a snapshot, you'll be the order taker, the quote giver, the problem solver, the keeping the client up to date person, the logistics person, the appointment booker and everything else in between. As an experienced Client Services or Account Executive, you love this involvement though. 

You'll love the relationship building, the rapport and building that trust. With that, comes opportunity to develop those relationships further, deeper and stronger by delivering for the client. Introducing them to new products, new ways of working or simply giving them direction in the marketplace. 

Without question, you'll need to be organised. You'll be juggling many balls and spinning many plates at one time so organisation is probably one of the biggest strengths you can possess in this type of role. You already know this though from your experience in a similar role. 

Moving jobs is a pretty big thing, you will want to know when you move you are doing so for the right opportunity. One big thing to look at is staff turnover. Fortunately, in this place, once you are in, it seems there's a reason to stay. The average longevity of 12 years (across a team of Circa 20 people) is impressive. So if you want to move with confidence, knowing this place, it's a home from home. 

Your customers will be from the print, signage and graphic industries so if you have account managed in or around this type of customer base previously, then that's great news. You should slot in really well. If not, the manufacturing world is very fast, quick turnaround and ever-changing so if this fits with what you want, then that's great too. 

Recruitment doesn't have to be over-complicated and faceless. So if you are up for moving, then get your CV across or give us a call to chat through this opportunity. 

Location: Middleton | Salary: 22000 - 24000 per year | Job type: Permanent