Vacancy Detail

Head of Sales - Live Events & Exhibitions

You know a thing or two about the live events and the exhibition world. It's what you do and you've built your knowledge, your experience and a solid network. You're about to land the biggest gig yet, a job as Head of Sales within one of the best known experiential agencies in the UK.  

Nice eh? Well this is what it looks like... 

You're spearheading the sales function of a £multi-million agency. Reporting directly to the Group Sales Director, you're in at the top. Part of the strategy, the growth, the development. A vital cog in this expansion. 

You're coming into a business that isn't a new kid on the block. There's a reputation that proceeds itself. A reputation of delivering time and time again, delivering the best experiences, the best concepts and the best live events for some of the biggest brands known across the globe. 

As a sales person, you know that you're only as good as the people around you. Luckily for you, they will make your life a lot easier as they are well versed in this world too and so delivery of these projects and brief is their bread and butter. It's what they do day in, day out. 

There's already a solid pipeline here. Work that has been tickled along very nicely. Work that you've (hopefully) missed out on from your previous business but now, you get the chance to be the one that is leading the delivery. I say this, because this isn't just a new business role. Yes, topping up the pipeline, identifying and pitching for new business is part of the role but so too is delivering. Otherwise, you're only as good as your last show and you'll not have the opportunity to impress again. 

There's the strategy, the long term game and the relationship piece but there's also the new business too. You'll have a sales function reporting upwards to you. It would be great if this is your background too, empathy for how tough you know it can be in that new business role. A mentor and a team leader to these people is what you'll be. You'll be leading from example too and contributing heavily to the new business revenue.

The business is sitting pretty. Decent revenue, healthy margins, a catalog of some outrageously cool projects but there's so much more to be done. This isn't a complacent business. This isn't a business with egos or back-slapping and saying "we are brilliant us". It's a place of graft, client fulfillment, opportunity and proper drive. This place is going up a notch and they need you to be of a similar mindset. "Right, we've done this, good job, what's next, how do we get better". 

Events are everywhere. Totally open on your location, you've just got to be willing to travel where ever you need to be. UK, Europe and sometimes further a field. 

It's important that you're coming into this from the industry. It's needed to hit the growth targets and really push this on to the next level. This business wants the industry to be talking about them... "Wow, did you see who X have hired!" It's going to be on that scale! 

The likelihood is that you may have seen this opportunity and you don't have a CV, that's cool. You don't need one. We firmly believe that all things start with a conversation. So don't let not having a CV ready stop you from getting in touch. If you do have a CV ready to go though, then that's equally as great! 

You'll have a million and one questions I'm sure, and we will have some good ones for you too, so get in touch and let's see if there's some decent synergy between you and this opportunity. 

Location: National | Salary: 45000 - 80000 per year | Job type: Permanent